Best Vertical Solution

Innovation Award - Paid Entry

This award is open to vendors and service providers selling a vertical solution through the channel. Applicants must demonstrate how they have achieved end-customer success by delivering a specialist vertical solution for a specific industry category. E.g. retail, manufacturing, healthcare


Ability to Improve Experience

Did you update or deliver a high impact feature that helps you to improve the user, team, customer or business experience? How did you think of the idea and how engaged were the beneficiaries in the process?

Ability to Innovate

Did you release a break-through product or service? What was the overall impact on your business, its stakeholders its people and customers? How do you cultivate a high-performing and innovative culture?

Ability to Execute

What were your priorities? What challenges did you face? Did you collect and analyse any data and why? How did you boost performance? How did you manage the process? What were the results?